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The Tao of Badass Book

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Tao of Badass is a book that is available in both E-Book format and hardcopy. There are also DVD’s which come with the hardcopy or are downloaded with the E-Book version.  The entire package is designed to help people who suffer from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and panic attacks. Tao of Badass is the name of the program that teaches the One Move technique, a proven technique that allows sufferers to overcome the fear of having panic attacks and lower their levels of anxiety. You can find out more at In a lot of cases, users of the program have reported that they have stopped having panic attacks altogether and no longer have any anxiety.

In whatever format you choose to purchase the program, it comes with an eight-week money back guarantee so customers can rest assured that they’re not buying into a scam. If it doesn’t work for them, they can claim their money back. And to date, over 50,000 users of the program have reported having immediate success as well as superb long term benefits.

The book aims to help sufferers of GAD and panic attacks to tackle the root cause of their problems using a cognitive method which is firmly based on proven psychology that has been around for years. The technique taught to users of the program has been developed over a period of ten years by a former sufferer of GAD and panic attacks. After discovering how much it could help others in much the same or a similar situation, the book was written.  It received acclaim for being well thought out and easy to read, as well as conveying modern up-to-date ideas which allow readers to empower themselves and regain control over their lives. It provides a simple structure that looks to instil and inspire confidence and does away with outdated techniques such as breathing exercises, counting to yourself and the classic breathing into a bag. It doesn’t use any form of hypnosis or Neuro-linguistic programming, which as a science, lacks credibility or any basic evidential proof.

The major misconception the book receives is that because it is advertised on the internet, it is just a scam or another internet gimmick. The Tao of Badass website contains a large quantity of genuine testimonials from users of the program, all telling their own stories and if you wish to, you can contact some of those that have provided testimonials via email to ask them any questions you may have. The website itself is registered with the “Better Internet Bureau” and the “International society for mental health online”.

Tao of Badass is currently being offered at a discounted rate on the official website and if you purchase the downloadable version, it is even cheaper. With the book, you get lifetime access to the program’s forum which is only available to those that purchase the book. And because it comes with an eight-week money back guarantee, it offers those that purchase the Tao of Badass book a peace of mind and reassurance that they are making a worthwhile investment in themselves.

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