New Disney+ Murder Mystery show deserves its 93% Rotten Tomatoes score

Sherlock meets TikTok

A murder at the end of the world
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Someone at Disney+ is clearly an Only Murders in The Building level crime fan. November has already seen the release of the superb heist thriller Culprits and now hot on its heels comes A Murder at the End of the World. And if they're all going to be this good, I say keep 'em coming.

Having just finished Culprits I watched the first two episodes (new episodes will air every Tuesday) of this series and I've found myself hooked once again. Emma Corrin, Clive Owen and Harris Dickinson (from the superb Triangle of Sadness) helm an excellent cast in what one could be described as a modern-day spin on an Agatha Christie tale. It's safe to say that it is popular too with an 86% critics score and a 93% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Corrin is captivating as Darby Hart, a true crime author, hacker and amateur detective who is invited (much to her confusion) to a conference by Andy Ronson (Owen) an Elon Musk-style tech billionaire. Whisked away with other visionaries to a stunningly remote hotel in the Icelandic wilderness, Darby and the other guests are given a simple mission by Ronson. Stop climate change and save the world. Luckily the minibar is free. 

If that wasn't hard enough, however, things get a lot trickier when one of the guests turns up dead. Despite being dismissed as an accident, in Darby's mind things don't add up. In a location so remote that it makes the base from The Thing look well connected, who can be trusted?

At the same time, we are also treated to a second story. The tale of the Silver Doe (the name of Darby's debut book), the true crime mystery that set her on the path to detectivehood, and might just connect to the current case.

This is a delightfully fresh take on a genre as old as time and if the first two episodes are any indicator of quality, we should expect a brilliantly tense ride. The production values are absurd too which always makes things easy on the eye. 

A Murder at the End of the World is streaming on Disney+ in the UK and Hulu in the US. If you're more interested in the killer rather than the detective, you could try Netflix's new no.1 movie instead

Andy Sansom
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