Who is the Education Minister of Kerala?

Education Minister of Kerala

Vasudevan Sivankutty Indian Politiker from the Nemom Constituency in the 15th Kerala Legislative Assembly took the office of Minister for Education and Labour on 24th May 2021. Who Is Vasudevan Sivankutty? Sivankutty began his political career at the Students Federation of India (SFI) and has held various posts such as District President District Secretary, State … Read more

Who is the First Chief Minister of Kerala?

First Chief Minister of Kerala

Are you looking to find the name, the party as well as the period of time of Chief Ministers from Kerala from 1957? This is the full list of Kerala’s Chief Ministers before the first administration led by E.M. S, Elamkulam Manakkal Sankaran Namboodiripad who was an official of the Communist Party of India. The … Read more

Which is the Smallest District in Kerala?

Smallest District in Kerala

Kerala as a state was created to existence on November 1 the year 1956. The state was comprised of five districts. There were five districts. Was increased to 14. Kasargod was the first district to be established. The districts are subdivided into Taluks that are divided into villages. There are currently the 63 Taluks with … Read more

How Many People in Kerala?

How Many People in Kerala

People of Kerala is located in Southwestern India, Kerala is the top state in India for the development of its social system. The state is home to2.76 percent of India’s population. The current population in Kerala is estimated at35.3 million. The maturity of the people living in Kerala is of Malayali ethnic group. According to … Read more

How Many National Park in Kerala?

National Park in Kerala

While Kerala is well-known due to its beaches, backwaters as well as lush vegetation, it’s also an excellent destination for anyone who loves wildlife also. Kerala is filled with nature reserves and national parks. It’s a paradise for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. The public parks of Kerala are additionally very much kept up with and … Read more

Who is the Governor of Kerala?

Governor of Kerala

Are you looking information about “who is the governor of kerala”on the former and current governors in Kerala? This article provides an entire listing of Kerala governors, along with their tenure. We also include an FAQ section that provides answers to a few asked questions, including the names of the former and current Kerala governors … Read more

What is the language of Kerala?

language of Kerala

Are you curious about the languages spoken in Kerala? Kerala has a variety of colorful languages, including Malayalam serving as Kerala’s state’s sanctioned language. Indeed, Tamil, Tulu, Kannada, Gujrati, and English are also the most spoken languages in this amazing area. The Malayalam language is part of the Dravidian family of languages, and Malayalam can … Read more

What is the capital of Kerala?

What is the capital of Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram is considered to be the capital of Kerala. Kerala state. It was known as Trivandrum up to 1991. Also, the Kerala administration decided to restore the megacity’s original name Thiruvananthapuram. Mahatma Gandhi spoke of this megacity in the title’Evergreen City from India’. City features Thiruvananthapuram is the biggest megacity in the state. It’s positioned … Read more

How to register for Covid vaccine in Kerala?

Covid vaccine in Kerala

A step-by-step guide on how to register for travel or in the age bracket with co-morbidities. For those 18-40 years old, Kerala is currently providing vaccinations only to those who suffer from comorbidities or specific health issues and those who wish to travel. To fit the bill for a spot in this classification, candidates should … Read more

How many Rivers in Kerala?

How many rivers in Kerala

Kerala is the home of more than 600 kilometers along the Arabian Sea Coast, on the humid Malabar Coast. Backwaters, beaches and the like are famous for their canals lined with palms. The Western Ghats are in Kerala, which are mountains that are home to the teapot, coffee, and wildlife along the hills. The rivers … Read more