How to register for Covid vaccine in Kerala?

A step-by-step guide on how to register for travel or in the age bracket with co-morbidities.

For those 18-40 years old, Kerala is currently providing vaccinations only to those who suffer from comorbidities or specific health issues and those who wish to travel. To fit the bill for a spot in this classification, candidates should enlist on the Cowin entrance and the Kerala government inoculation site. On this site, under the heading ‘request to be enlisted in a particular segment’, those with comorbidities, as well as those who travel abroad, as well as those who are planning to go on Haj pilgrimage, can be certified to receive priority vaccination. (Those over 40 years old age can get vaccines even having no other co-morbidities).

The first step is to sign up on Cowin. Cowin portal. The next step is to be registered on Kerala COVID 19. Kerala COVID 19 site is the booking website to simplify the procedure. The main occupants who live in Kerala can have the option to get an endorsement for immunization through this site. On the website, there is a choice to make an individual request. Of this age with co-morbidities can sign up.

Make sure you register your mobile number and input the OTP you received to your mobile number. After OTP confirmation, you will be directed to the form for requesting vaccination. You must fill in all the information requested and then submit a medical certificate from a physician stating the type of co-morbidity the person is suffering from. The format of the certificate is available on this identical Kerala website. When registering on the Kerala website, Cowin reference number must be included in the form for request. District health authorities will process the request submitted and, once your slot is set you will receive an SMS confirming the date of vaccination and the venue.

The registration is for those living life in Kerala

After registering on CoWIN, once they have registered on the Cowin portal, individuals who plan to travel need to register on the Kerala specific website under the ‘requests for individual’s area. While filling the structure, pick the qualification class as “Traveling to another country”. You can also choose if they are receiving the first or second dose. Fill in more information like Cowin information, assort details identification proof, and travel documents. If you are planning to take the second dose of vaccine should note the date on which the first dose was received.

Travelers who are from Kerala and who must urgent travel authorization do not have to wait more than 84 days (union government-imposed time limit for the second dose) for another dose.

“The people who are recipients (>18 years old) who are to some extent immunization free yet are not yet finished 84 days following their initial dose of Covishield but, who must the finalization of their vaccination schedule before traveling abroad, can request priority vaccination through this portal (Kerala portal as mentioned earlier) with supporting documents for immediate travel. They can be inoculations at timespans a month and a half after the principal part. When the application is acknowledged and afterward planned for inoculation through District RCHO,” says an authorization request is given by the public authority on May 29th, 2021.

How to register for covid vaccine in kerala

Because the Cowin vaccination certificate doesn’t include a passport number and isn’t accepted in some countries The Kerala government has issued a different certificate that includes this number in the form of a passport. The request for this can be found on the Kerala COVID 19 vaccine website that was mentioned above.

“All applicants are required to sign up and take note of that CoWin reference ID that is available on the CoWIN official website. The certificate issued by the Government of Kerala is not a replacement for the certificate issued by the Government of India. The request for a certificate can be made for anyone of any age group that has taken two doses but do not have their passport number listed as a recognizable proof number when they register on the Cowin entryway.” is the data on CoWIN’s Kerala site on the application structure for a testament that incorporates identification numbers.

An administration guideline on immunization declarations for voyagers states “Applications which are caused will to be surveyed by the significant District Medical Officer/Officer assigned by the DMO as the request will be either approved or rejected. Once the application is approved, a digital certificate is issued, and the applicant will receive an SMS confirmation of the same. You can download the Certificate from the portal (”

On the login page, one can decide the situation with their solicitation by entering any of the accompanying enrolled portable numbers, the extended period of birth enlisted alongside CoWIN the registration code.

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