Who is the Governor of Kerala?

Are you looking information about “who is the governor of kerala”on the former and current governors in Kerala? This article provides an entire listing of Kerala governors, along with their tenure. We also include an FAQ section that provides answers to a few asked questions, including the names of the former and current Kerala governors as well as the first female governor, and so on.

Like the other Indian States, Kerala state governors are appointed by the president of India Their period of office is five years.

The Governor from Kerala serves as the state head in the constitution for the south Indian state known as Kerala. The governor is chosen by the President of India for five years and is appointed by the President at his discretion. The governor is the de legal in charge of the Government of Kerala and all executive decisions are carried out in the name of the governor. The governor, but, must follow the direction of the ministers’ council, led by the Chief Minister of Kerala, and, as such, is the de facto executive power within the state. It is a matter of the Constitution of India also grants the governor the power to make decisions based on the governor’s discretion, including the power to appoint or remove the head of a ministry or make recommendations for the President’s rules or to put bills on reserve for president’s assent. Through the years the exercise of these powers of discretion has resulted in conflict between the chief minister elected in the absence of a central governor.-appointed governor.

Full List of Governors of Kerala since 1956

Take a look at the entire list of governors in Kerala. The list also contains the name of chief ministers in the term of governors as well as the names and information of governors who were responsible for the extra responsibility of Kerala.

Sl.NoNamePeriodThe Chief Minister
Acting GovernorP.S. Rao (Acting)1 November 1956 until 21 November 1956The governor in the interim during state’s creation
1Dr. Burgula Ramakrishna Raofrom 22 November, 1956 until 1 JulyE. M. S. Namboodiripad
Pattom A. Thanu Pillai
2Varahagiri Venkatagiri (V.V. Giri)1 July 1960 until 2 April 1965Pattom A. Thanu Pillai
R. Sankar
3Ajit Prasad JainFrom 2 April to 6 FebruaryPresident’s Rule
4Bhagwan Sahayfrom 6 February, 1967 to the 15th May of 1967President’s Rule
E. M. S. Namboodiripad
5Venkata Viswanathan (V. Viswanathan)15 May 1967 until 1 April 1973E. M. S. Namboodiripad
C. Achutha Menon
6Niranjan Nath Wanchoo (N.N Wanchoo)1 April 1973 until 10 October 1977C. Achutha Menon
K. Karunakaran
A. K. Antony
7Jothi Venkatachalam14 October 1977 until 26 October 1982A.K. Antony
P. K. Vasudevan Nair
C. H. Mohammed Koya
E. K. Nayanar
K. Karunakaran
8P. Ramachandran27 October 1982 until 23 February 1988K. Karunakaran
E. K. Nayanar
9Ram Dulari Sinhafrom 23 February 1988 until 12 February 1990E.K.Nayanar
10Swaroop Singh, Dr. Swaroop Singhfrom 12 February 1990 until 20 November 1990E.K.Nayanar
11Basavayya Rachaiah (B. Rachaiah)20 December 1990 until 9 November 1995E.K.Nayanar
K. Karunakaran
A. K. Antony
Additional costGopal RamanujamFrom 20 April to April 29 1995
12Punjala Shiv Shankar (P. Shiv Shankar)From 12 November 1995 until 1 May 1996A. K. Antony
13Khurshed Alam Khan5 May 1996 from 5 May 1996 to 25 January 1997A.K.Antony E.K.Nayanar
14Sukhdev Singh Kangfrom 25 January 1997 until 18 April 2002E.K.Nayanar A.K.Antony
Additional costDr. C Rangarajan (In the absence of Sukhdev Singh Kang)29 February 2000 until 23 April 2000 October 2000 until 7 November 2000 from 16 February 2002 until 28 February 2002
Additional costMohammed Fazal (In the absence of Sukhdev Singh Kang)14 September 2001 until 28 September 2001
15Sikander Bakhtfrom 18 April 2002 to 23 February 2002 to 23 FebruaryA.K.Antony
Additional costTriloki Nath Chaturvedi (Following the death of Sikander Bakht)25 February 2004 until 23 June 2004A.K.Antony
16Raghunandan Lal Bhatia (R.L Bhatia)23 June 2004 to 10 July 2008.A. K. Antony
Oommen Chandy
V. V. Achuthanandan
17Ramkrishna Suryabhan Gavai (R.S. Gavai)From 11 July 2008 until 7 September 7 September 2011V.S. Achuthanandan
Oommen Chandy
18M. O. Hasan Farook Maricarfrom 8 September 2011 to 26 January 8 September 2011 to 26 JanuaryOommen Chandy
Additional costHansraj Bhardwaj (Following the death of M. O. Hasan Farook Maricar)1 March 2012 to 9 March 2013.Oommen Chandy
19Nikhil KumarFrom 23 March 2013 through March 5 2013 to 5 MarchOommen Chandy
20Sheila Dikshit11 March 2014 to 4 September 2014.Oommen Chandy
21Justice P. Sathasivam5 September 2014 to 5 September 2019,Oommen Chandy Pinarayi Vijayan
22Arif Mohammad Khanfrom 6 September, 2019 until continuePinarayi Vijayan

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